Friday, April 28, 2017

kitty superhero hideout and a hopscotch superhero

Happy National Superhero Day! To honor the holiday, here are my two latest superheroes:

For for Illustration Friday this week (prompt = shoe) and for Colour Collective (color = lava red), here's the Kitty Superhero Hideout:

Not sure yet whether the Masked Mouse is a friend or foe. Here's a close up of three of the four kitty superheroes:

Last week, I drew the Hopscotch Superhero for Colour Collective (color = kingfisher):

Can't remember the last time I played hopscotch, how about you? Drawing this made me want to get out the chalk and go hop!

Happy National Superhero Day!

Don't forget to wear your cape.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

that's not a rabbit - when magic tricks go sideways

The word for Illustration Friday this week is illusion. Magicians are masters of illusion, but they have to start somewhere. This little girl needs a bit more practice pulling a rabbit out of her hat:

What's that bear doing in there? And why is the bear wearing bunny ears? Or is it really a rabbit in disguise? Illusions can be mysterious.

p.s. This is also for Colour Collective tomorrow (the color is Jonquil Yellow).