Tuesday, October 28, 2008

new art features starting Monday

Starting next Monday, I'll be starting something new on my blog. Mondays will be art days! There are four different kinds of art days (so far):

Art Spotlight: Where I talk about an artist or a museum show or some other fun art that I've found.

Notes and Quotes: Notes and quotes from artists, art directors and/or editors about children's book art.

Arts and Crafts: Fun projects that you can do by yourself or with your family. No art training required.

Illustrator Interviews: Where I interview children's book illustrators about their books.*

*If you are an illustrator that wants to be considered for an interview in the future, please email me - artday@sruble.com - with Art Day in the subject line. Please include your most recent book title, or forth coming title (along with the release date), the name of the author (if it's not you) and your website URL (if you have a site). I'm looking for children's book artists that do covers, black and white interior art, graphic novels, picture books, etc. If you do art for children's books and have a book out, or coming out, I'd like to interview you.

Sheila wants me to make Friday "zombie day" so she can have her own day to play. However, she hasn't promised to stay on Friday and not visit all the other days as well. Do you think she should have her own day? This Friday we'll find out how Sheila became a zombie cheerleader.

The Art Day Schedule for November is:
11/3 - Illustrator Interview: Sherry Rogers
11/10 - Illustrator Interview: Diane Dawson Hearn
11/17 - Illustrator Interview: Deborah Freedman
11/24 - Art Spotlight: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons


  1. What fun! I'm really art impaired, so this new series should do me good.

    I'd love to hear more about Sheila and the rest of her squad. Her postcard arrived yesterday and is cheering me on as we speak. I got through a lot of edits yesterday, so she's definitely helping. :)

  2. I think a Friday Zombie Day is what every blog needs.

  3. Sounds fun!

    I have someone you might want to look at for the "fun" art segment. One of my critique buddies is an art teacher and over the summer he and some of his students did a "pole" gallery in their city. Every few weeks they would put up art on a designated street pole. Because of this , the local library asked them to do a Pole Gallery exhibit in their local branch. It's really fun. You can check out his blog at iansands.blogspot.com It's really fun!

  4. Looking forward to art day! Great idea.

  5. Love the idea for Art Day! This year my kids have a new art teacher, and she is fabulous. I love seeing their new projects that they bring home.
    Looking forward to your project ideas and the illustrator interviews, too!

  6. Sounds wonderful! Can't wait!

    I'm with Carrie...I would love to see a whole zombie squad of cheerleaders...and I'm saying this all on my own and it has nothing to do with Sheila looking over my shoulder right now...grin...She's fitting in perfect...but I'm a little nervous about taking my butt out of the chair when she's watching me...grin...

  7. Rena, Adrienne and Kelly: I'm glad you guys all think Art Day sounds like fun! I'm hoping it will be.

    Carrie: Yay! Happy to hear that Sheila is helping. She likes you because you're getting your work done and helping her to take over my blog. BTW, I drew some ninjas today. Sheila apparently does not like ninjas. Who knew?

    Jacqui: Sheila likes you for voting for Friday Zombie Day.

    Christy: Thanks for the tip - I'll go check it out!

    Brenda: Are you sure that Sheila isn't controling your mind? You have every right to be nervous, but as long as you get something done every day, she'll be good. Besides, she likes that you want to know more about the zombie cheerleaders. Feel free to get out of your chair if you need to ;)