Thursday, October 30, 2008

supernatural dead, or just plain dead?

I was writing my short story for the merry fates contest (deadline tomorrow! anyone else entering?), when I started to wonder what it would be like to be supernatural, and whether or not I would choose to be, if I had the choice. Sure, powers are cool and all that, but how likely would it be that you would be able to control the dark side of it, or that you would stay the same, personality-wise? And would you really want to be eating brains or sucking blood?

So, here are my philosophical type questions for you today, because I’m curious, and because tomorrow is Halloween:

1. If you had to choose between being dead, or being turned into a supernatural being, which would you choose? (see rules below)

2. If you chose to be supernatural, you would be able to achieve something you've always wished for, like being a successful published author, or a rock star. Would that change your answer to question #1?

* For this blog post, supernatural creatures are not nice or safe, like Casper the Friendly Ghost, Sheila the Zombie Cheerleader, or Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. If you became supernatural, you would likely have to kill people to eat, or at least drain some blood once in a while.

* If you choose to be supernatural, you may not have free will. There might be a leader or a puppet master deciding what you do.

* For those wondering about the afterlife (whatever after life you believe in, or don't), choosing to be supernatural would not affect your afterlife, except if you decided to kill/maim/hurt people just for the fun of it after you changed (as opposed to needing to eat for sustenance, or being ordered or forced to do it when you were trying not to).

So, what do you think? My character for tomorrow has already made her choice, what’s yours?

What would I choose? I posted my choice here.

What did my character choose? Go here to find out.


  1. Dead. We have enough leaders and puppet masters telling us what to do already.

  2. I'm thinking I'd rather just be plain ol' dead.

  3. LOL! My kids asked me this question just yesterday. They ask me these things so often, I'm afraid now I just tune them out!

  4. Dead. Now, if just plain mischievous was an option, I might have gone for that one. ;-)

  5. I'd rather be dead as a doornail!

  6. Rena: you're right about too many puppet masters!

    Christy: you're in good company.

    Adrienne: did you give them an answer? I think it would be hard to get constant questions. I'd probably tune out too.

    CJ: I'll give you just plain mischievous, if you want. :)

    Kelly: that seems to be the answer that everyone wants.

  7. growing up I always thought I wanted to be a vampire...Stay up all night, never age, travel through time...and I could use my powers to make my sister clean my room...grin...

    But now I would have to say that sounds like too much work and I could use the just plain dead for me also...grin...

  8. Brenda - I like your childhood visions of being a vampire! Some days I feel like it's too much and I just need a nap too. I'm hoping that supernatural energy boosts come with the supernatural powers. (I can dream, right?) Thanks for weighing in!