Friday, October 31, 2008

I'd choose supernatural

I'm surprised at how many people picked dead, when I questioned whether or not they'd pick to be supernatural, or dead. Of course the rules did kind of suck. The one I added at the last minute was the lack of free will. I think some supernatural creatures would have free will, or thwart those that try to control them, or are the ones that are controlling others. It's just probably more common that they don't. Most people have to answer to someone, right?

I think I'd still pick supernatural. Of course that might be a huge mistake, but at least I'd get to try it and see. Who knows, maybe my rules are totally bogus and it's a complete free-for-all. Besides, I could always go find a vampire/zombie/ghost hunter to help end my misery if it was really horrible. Did I forget to mention the hunters? Probably makes you happier you said dead.

I guess I'd just be willing to take the leap and see what happened, instead of going to a certain death. Like I said, that could be a HUGE mistake, or not.

I'm still working on my (Sheila the zombie cheerleader) story for the contest and crossing my fingers that it will be done in time to post it.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all get your favorite treats today. :)