Thursday, August 24, 2006

thank you and website

A huge THANK YOU!!! to everyone for their suggestions and support for helping to banish my evil inner editor. Ultimately, I decided to send the evil inner editor to the naughty chair for a while, and now I'm at 9500 words! I haven't put my count in for today yet, so I'm hoping to be well over 10k by the end of the day. We are leaving for a week of vacation on Saturday. I don't know if I'll get any writing done at the beach, but I'm going to try.

Yesterday ended up not being a writing day, because there was something loud going on in the next room and I couldn't concentrate. So I took the opportunity to finish my new website buttons and update a few more things. I still have stuff to do, but I'm happy with what's up so far. Check out my new website buttons if you have time:

Also, I put up a preview picture for the new graphic novel I'm working on (just sketches and notes right now, because my novel has priority, but I'm having fun with the graphic novel so far). Does it look interesting? Or just weird?