Monday, September 4, 2006

Top 10 List

We just got back from the beach. It was a good vacation, although different from other years. For one thing, I didn't read any books! I read old CWIM articles and sent 48 promo postcards instead. I also brainstormed on my graphic novel and figured out the main conflict in my YA novel. And I learned many new things ...

Top 10 Things I Learned On My Summer Vacation:

1. Totes umbrellas have a lifetime guarantee, even if Ernesto breaks them.

2. Burnt popcorn is a good way to get rid of nasty fish smells left in the freezer by the previous renters.

3. Plain functional toilet handles are better than semi-nonfunctional decorative handles.

4. Don’t eat ice cream if it tastes bad (no matter how much you want ice cream).

5. If everyone gets sick - the car, you, your husband, and your cat - you can still have a fun vacation.

6. You can plan your walks on the beach and boardwalk around the rain.

7. Crickets are annoying (I already knew this one, but it bears repeating).

8. Skunks like to visit the beach; leave them alone and they will leave you alone.

9. Transformers sound like firecrackers when they blow.

10. Packing by candlelight in the middle of a storm is an adventure.