Friday, August 10, 2007

LA part 2

Some notes and stuff - most are not direct quotes - I can't write as fast as people speak!

Walter Dean Meyers: Why is the character's problem important to the reader? Why is his life important to the reader?

Peter Brown told us that the Russian version of Cinderella has a talking cow instead of a fairy godmother. (You know I'm going to have to do something with that!)

Pam Calvert / pamm told me that one of the images in my portfolio reminded her of M.C. Escher. Thanks Pam!!!!

Laurent Linn: The best book ever is your favorite book as a child.

Mark McVeigh: Wait until after a critique is over to get emotional so that you can get everything out of the critique and hear everything the critiquer has to say.

Anna Grossnickle Hines recommended a book, The Zen of Seeing, by Fredrick Franck. Check it out if you're interested in Zen Drawing. (We did an exercise out of the book at her workshop. It was nice to have quiet time to draw during the conference, and I think I can alter the exercise for my art.)

John Green:
-If a writer does it right, it makes the reader feel like it's a co-creation of they story.
-Literature doesn't just come to you - you have to work at it.

Jo Whittemore/ jo_no_anne and I had fun talking about food (and anticipating dessert) at the Golden Kite luncheon. ;)

Mac McCool:
-If you're going to write or illustrate graphic novels, you have to read graphic novels.
-Write distinct voices in a graphic novel, just like you would in a regular novel.

Emma Dryden: Give your characters a personality.

Linda Sue Park:
-Unexpected inevitability is her favorite kind of ending. (Not only is it a great ending, but it's fun to say too!)
-LSP and her editor Dinah Stevenson called unpublished writers pre-published. I'd heard it before, but it stuck with me this time as a really cool way to say you're not published, YET.

Kirby Larson: Sometimes when life gives you lemons, it shops at Costco. (Love this saying!)

Laurent Linn and MarkMcVeigh (on graphic novels): Artistically, anything goes. (YAY!!!)

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