Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Have questions about book publicity?

Sara Dobie from Sylvan Dell Publishing has agreed to do an interview on my blog, and answer your questions about book publicity. Yay!

If you have any questions about book publicity, please leave them in the comments section and I'll make sure Sara gets them. The interview will be posted in the next few weeks.

About Sara: Sara Dobie is the Public Relations Coordinator for Sylvan Dell Publishing. She has been featured on the ForeWord Publishing Insider blog,, and If you’re an author without a website, she will find you and throw tomatoes. Rotten ones.


  1. How many questions?! Okay, I'll try to limit it. :)

    1. How important is an author website for publicity, and do you recommend a highly interactive site for the YA audience?

    2. What is the best pre-launch publicity strategy?

    3. Do you recommend a separate blog for your book (as opposed to a general blog under your own name)?

    Okay...I'll leave it at that. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge, Sara. And Stephanie, thanks for hosting this interview!

    Mary Ann

  2. How cool!

    How do you see sites like Facebook and My Space fitting in to a publicity campaign, if at all?

  3. Thank you, Stephanie! you've got a website, you're on MySpace and Facebook, you've got a blog (though it's not a me-me-me blog--it's more content-based), you're on AmazonConnect, blah blah blah. What else can or should you be doing while you're madly at work writing the next book (which needs to take priority over everything)?