Tuesday, January 13, 2009

how I write: a look into the insanity

I love when people share their writing or illustrating process, so I thought I’d blog about how I write. I’ve used this method to write PBs, and it’s how I’m writing my current novel. Hope it’s helpful, or at least convinces you that your writing method is much more sane than mine. ;)

Step Zero: Think about a character and story. Write scenes in my head.

Step One:
OMG! I have an idea! And I’ve started writing it!
-My character tells me her story, “This happened, then this, and this, and that! Wheee!”
-There’s not much description or polish.

Step Two: Best Thing EVER, must tell EVERYONE.
- It’s a compulsion, like checking email constantly.
-This applies to the story idea more than the writing.
-The longer I write, the more I try to avoid this step. But sometimes I can’t help myself.

Step Three: OMG! The writing is horrible - must revise!

Step Four:

Step Five:

-Best Thing EVER!
-Horrible Writing!
-Repeat! (as many times as necessary)

Step Six:
Keep writing the story, even if I’m revising one part, over and over again. Otherwise, I’d never get to the end.

Step Seven: I have something I can show to a critique group or use as a blog teaser.
-It still needs revision, but it’s ok to get feedback.
-This is the stage I’m at right now with the beginning of Lexi’s story.

Step Eight: After I get to the end and revise the whole MS to Step Seven, I either send it to a critique partner or let it sit before revising it.

Step Nine:
Revision. (based on feedback, if possible)

Step Ten:

* Note: Any of the steps can be repeated multiple times, but especially steps four and five.