Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Teaser Tuesday – What Would You Do During A Zombie Attack?

What would you do during a zombie attack? Run? Fight back? How about if you were stuck in the middle of a store like The Gap? Here’s a short teaser from my WIP:

The manager put a key into a slot in the wall and turned it. A gate rolled down in front of the door, locking us in with a handful of people that stood between racks of clothing that always looked better in commercials and on people other than me.
“I’ll be over there,” said Taylor, pointing to a sales rack.
“How can she shop during the zombie apocalypse?” asked Dylan.
“Don’t you know that khaki pants are your first line of defense against the undead?” asked Lucas. “That’s what the guys wore in Zombie Apocalypse Now.”
“Right,” I said, trying not to laugh. “Don’t you remember what happened to them at the end of the movie?”
“Okay,” said Lucas, “scratch the khaki’s then.”
So, what would you do? I think I might go shopping too (after thinking up an escape plan).