Monday, March 4, 2013

March came in like a crocodile, and a talented octopus for Illustration Friday

The prompt for Illustration Friday this week is talent. I thought of the octopus I painted for IF a couple of weeks ago. I've been working on some portfolio images with the octopus and a crab friend, so that image has been on my mind lately. I wondered what talent the octopus might have if he or she had a talent, and how the crabby friend might be involved. This is what I came up with:

Have you ever seen an octopus spin beach balls and a crab? Me either, but I bet octopuses could totally do this! Here's a close up of how much the crab is enjoying being a participant in this stunt (hint - the crab is crabby):

It also gives you a better idea of how the art looks. I wanted it to be more sketchy than my finished art usually is, so I left in all the pencil marks and actually used the pencil for my black line. I also didn't stay within the lines 100%, on purpose! I didn't go wild with going out of the lines, but I didn't worry if it went just over the lines here and there. Have to say I'm happy with the result and it was really fun to do too!

You will be seeing more of the octopus and crab in the future!

Also new this week: I have a new avatar for the month of March! You might have noticed it here, or on Twitter, or other places I'm online. If not, here it is:

Why the crocodile? (Or is it an alligator?) Whenever March rolls around, I wait for someone to talk about lions and lambs:
March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb.
I always wonder what's going to happen when it comes in like a lamb. Does that mean it will go out like a lion? This year I didn't hear anyone say it, probably because the weather wasn't too bad here. Since nobody said it, I decided March needed a new saying for this year. Lucky for me, it goes with my new March avatar:
March came in like a crocodile and will go out like an alligator!
I doubt anyone else is going to adopt my new March saying, but it works for me. How's March treating you so far? I hope it's more lamb than lion, or maybe even a friendly crocodile!