Friday, October 31, 2014

ghosts, cats, chickens and bats!

This is officially the last #inktober blog, because tomorrow is November. (And today is Halloween - Happy Halloween!) I had fun inking it up this month. Here are the last three drawings. I think this first one of the witch cat is my favorite for the whole month. I might even have to scan it! (As opposed to the inktober cell phone pictures that I used all month.)

If this cat looks familiar, it could be because she was on my illustration postcard earlier this year. I actually did the first sketches of her almost exactly year ago! Here's a crop of the image so you can see her riding the dog:

The next ink image begs the question: Are chickens afraid of ghosts? (Yes.) Or maybe it's the answer to the age old question: Why did the chicken cross the road? (She was running from the ghost.) Or it could be another question that I haven't thought of yet ... the question is probably: When are you going to scan this picture so it doesn't have weird shadows? However, the weird shadows do add a certain charm and scary atmosphere to the picture (IMO). Maybe I should keep them.

And finally, as long as I was on a ghost kick and listening to music, I drew this musical ghost who is auditioning for a show on Ghost TV called, Ghost Idol. I know, it's a very original name. Ghosts are like that, always borrowing ideas from the living and barely changing them! I imagine this ghost is about to get cut from the show, because those notes don't seem to make a song. Then again, ghost music is probably way different from living music. Maybe the ghost is a smooth singer and will actually win the contest! Go ghost go! Incidentally, "smooth," is the prompt for Illustration Friday this week. Can't think of any better way to show smooth + Halloween than a smooth singing ghost.

It was a good drawing exercise, to participate in #inktober this month, and fun too! If I hadn't been traveling so much, I probably would have broken out the pen and ink, and the scanner. Maybe next month! Then again, next month will probably bring a burst of non-ink creativity. Will just have to wait and see what happens (and have art supplies at the ready).

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