Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Pig In A Blanket Day! Happy Arbor Day!

You might know that today is Arbor Day (yay trees), but did you know it's also Pig In A Blanket Day? I didn't know that until this morning. Once I found out, I couldn't resist drawing a pig in a blanket:

I remember planting trees for Arbor Day as a kid, and thought that my piggy might want to plant a tree too. She's the sort of pig who likes to share her good fortune, so she gave the little tree her blanket to help prop it up (the blanket and the little tree remind me of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree):

For the people who like to know how the art was created: Both these images were done with my new Pentel Pocket Brush Pen (which I'm still getting used to) and watercolor. Here's how the Pig In A Blanket looked in ink vs. color (ink picture taken with cell, so it's not quite as clear):

And here's the Arbor Day Pig in ink vs. color. She's missing her tail in the ink picture - it got added after (ink picture taken with cell again).

If I had a yard to plant a tree, I probably would have celebrated Arbor Day that way, but since I don't, and it's also Pig In A Blanket Day, I decided to get creative to celebrate.

Did you celebrate Arbor Day or Pig In A Blanket Day?

Have you ever heard of  Pig In A Blanket Day?

Me neither, but it was fun to draw!