Monday, April 13, 2015

thoughts about spring weather, illustrated with sketches

In honor of the new sketch section on my website, here are some thoughts about spring weather, illustrated with sketches:

Spring has sprung, like a cow on a pogo stick!

When the spring weather is nice, you can pretend to be a superhero, just like when you were little (all you needed was a cape):

It's not amusing on days when the weather still thinks it's winter (so says this owl):

Days that are rainy aren't too bad when you have an umbrella to dance with:

If it's too rainy (or windy, or pollen-y) to go out, you can still stay in and dance around the room, read a book, and then dance around the room again:

When it's dark and stormy out, it might sound like an armadillo is bowling:

But don't worry, it will be warm enough to go swimming soon!

No matter what the weather, or whether you're inside or out, there's a chance that you'll come up with an idea for a story about the weather:

If that happens, try to write it down so you don't sleepwalk through the day, trying not to forget your story:

Happy Spring Everyone!

I hope your spring weather is wonderful! Or if not, I hope you get to dance with an umbrella or stay inside with a good book and an occasional dance break.

p.s. There's more art on my website, including the new sketch section, and a few of these images too.