Sunday, May 24, 2015

unusual holidays featuring: strawberries, seagulls, bears, turtles, and snails

This week I made more art for unusual holidays - and now it's been a whole month of every day holidays!*

Wednesday was Pick A Strawberry Day. My first thought was strawberries picking teams for a game, which is how this painting happened:

Thursday was Maritime Day, which was a good day for this seagull to give a salute:

This is part of a larger image. The hippo and the seagull on the right are jealous of the hat the hippo on the left is wearing (it's a Hippo-Ship Hat):

Friday was Waitstaff Day. This bear is a good waiter. He will NOT eat the pie before he serves it to the customer (maybe).

I didn't intend to put in the text or thought bubbles, so they didn't fit as well as they would have if I'd planned them. I still like it though, because the words being spontaneous is just like the bear's decision to eat the pie (or not). Here's a close up of the sign and the bear's thoughts:

Yesterday was World Turtle Day. I celebrated by drawing some turtle love (another paint test paper drawing):

Last, but not least, did you know that today is Tiara Day and also Escargot Day? I didn't either, but when I found out, I decided to draw this royal snail (more drawing on my paint test paper here):

Want to see more art for holidays you've probably never heard of? Please click here to see my art for unusual holidays so far.*

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*I'll continue to make holiday art, because it's fun and I've been doing it for a long time. I just won't be doing it every day.