Tuesday, May 19, 2015

unusual holidays: tree love, pigeons with cake, and cows

The last few days had even more unusual holidays to make art for!*

Saturday was Love A Tree Day (one of my favorite pieces of holiday art so far):

Sunday was World Baking Day, a perfect day for these pigeons to bake a cake (or find one). This is a sketch from 2012, but I still love it and it fit for Sunday's holiday:

Monday was Museum Day, and another piece of art from 2012. This cow inspired by Stenberg Brothers exhibition that was on display when I worked at MOMA many years ago. I wrote a blog post about this image, the original movie poster that inspired it, and an earlier version of my cow poster.

Today was Devil's Food Cake Day, and this Little Devil Moo loves Devil's Food Cake!

I just realized that three of these four images feature cows.** Go Cows! Moo!

I'm still making art for holidays you've probably never heard of. Please click here to see my art for unusual holidays so far.*

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* My one month of daily unusual holiday art is almost up! I'll still be making and/or posting art for unusual holidays, just not as often.

** I like to draw cows. You might have noticed. Or not. Cows are fun to draw. You should try it some time, if you like drawing and you want something fun to draw, like cows. Did I mention that cows are fun to draw?