Friday, July 28, 2017

two feathered sailors, a plaid dinosaur, and a cow with a moostache

I'm experimenting with a new style* for my portfolio this week. It's based on the painting process of three of the art for fun images I blogged about last week (umbrella boat, cats, and sheep and giraffe). Even though they're all very different, I used some of the same processes to make the picture (amazing how art can be so similar and yet turn out so different). Still working on how I want the new style to look, but I like the pieces this week better than the ones last week. Here's the progression of paintings:

First, are two feathery sailors for the Illustration Friday prompt (sailor):

Next is a plaid dinosaur, or a Plaid-o-saurus Rex, just for fun:

Finally, I painted a cow with a moo-stache for Colour Collective (the color this week is Portland Orange):

So far I'm liking the new style, even if it's not completely there yet. I think it's getting close though (or at least I hope so)!

What are you working on this week? Have you ever changed your art style? How did it go?

*This is not the first time I've changed my art style. It's never easy, but hopefully in the end it will be worth it! It's always been worth it in the past for me. Fingers crossed it will be this time too!


  1. Is this a cow with a Salvador Dali mustache? The mustache managed to make news last week. Cute!

  2. I hadn't thought of the Salvador Dali mustache! It does look a bit like that. I have a rabbit with a similar mustache in my WIP, but he's a villain. The cow with a moo-stache is not a villain.