Wednesday, October 22, 2008

and the winners are …

EVERYONE! No seriously, everyone gets postcards! The entries were all wonderful and I spent a LOT of time last night trying to decide. After I made my final decision, DH came home and we debated the titles again. I ended up with my original decision :) So, everyone that suggested a title before the deadline, plus the volunteer cheerleader, gets a postcard. Please email me [stephanie (at) sruble (dot) com] with your name, address, and which Sheila image and cheer you want. Go here if you want to see your choices again. Thanks for all the excellent suggestions!!!!!

Now for the title winners!

… drum roll …

* the runner up is: Barb (boreal_owl), for CLOAKED. She wins a magnet or button of her choice from my cafepress store, along with a postcard. (Let me know which design you want Barb.) Why this title rocks: It sounds cool, fits the story, and when I looked it up on, one of the definitions made me like it even more: "leaf-clothed trees.” The idea of cloaked trees is really interesting.

**And now for the winner … there are 2 Winners!**
I couldn’t choose between them, so I picked both and combined them to get my new title :)

* the first winner is: Adrienne, for A BEE-LINE TO GRANNY’S HOUSE. She wins a journal of her choice from my cafepress store, along with a postcard. (Let me know which design you want Adrienne.) Why this title rocks: While the title is a bit young, it was the only title to mention Grandma, one of the major characters in the book. Plus Granny could be changed to Grandma to make it older, and Bee-Line indicates that the MC is following a path to Granny’s house.

*the second winner is: Brenda, for THE STINGING PATH. She wins a journal of her choice from my cafepress store, along with a postcard. (Let me know which design you want Brenda.) Why this title rocks: This title has 2 of the main elements to the book, the bees, and the path through the woods. Both of these things shape the story and impact what happens in it.


My new NaNoWriMo title is PATH OF BEES. Thank you everyone for all the great titles and for helping me name my novel!

Now for the numbers (since I know some of you like number-y things).
14 people entered the contest (some came back for a second round)
1 person offered to be a zombie mom cheerleader
58 titles were suggested
8 finalists were selected after much pondering on my part, then I got stuck
1 runner up
2 winners combined for 1 new title
2x - Some titles were suggested twice: Red, Hood in the Wood and A Hood in the Woods, Forest Buzz and The Forest of Buzz


  1. Yay, I love prizes! Awesome entries, too. Thanks for the fun contest!
    I'm going to check out the choices...

  2. I am so digging your new title. Congrats to the winners!

  3. Oh, how fun! Congrats to the winners!

  4. Adrienne, you're welcome, thanks for the title suggestion!

    Thanks Kim!

    Thanks Rena! Don't forget to email me with your addy and what Sheila image and cheer you want.

  5. That was a fun contest! Congrats to the winners and Congrats on deciding upon the title, too!

  6. I just emailed you again...this time with my address...I think Sheila's got me a little nervous...grin...

    Thanks again for such a neat contest and the prizes...hugs...

    Love your new title!

  7. Thanks Kelly. Don't forget to send me your address and Sheila choices :)

    You're welcome Brenda. Thanks for the great title suggestions, and sorry about Sheila. She likes to make people nervous, but she likes to cheer too.

  8. Great choice for the new title! And that was an awesomely fun contest. I might steal it someday. The contest, not the title. ;)

  9. Thanks Carrie! Steal away. Contests are fun! I'm already trying to think of another one for down the line.