Thursday, April 2, 2009

14 week novel-week four: changes and voice part 2

How’s everyone doing so far? Let me know how it’s going and cheer each other on in the comments section, if you want.

Changes: Don’t be afraid to make changes if your WIP needs them. Just because it started out as a PB, MG, YA, or GN (graphic novel), doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. The novel I’m writing is about Sheila, the zombie cheerleader. Yesterday I had a breakthrough on a new look for Sheila and started to think about making it a graphic novel. The original idea was a graphic novel, but I didn’t think I could pull it off. After Tomie dePaola’s wonderful video on having the courage to fail, I’ve decided to go for it. Thanks Tomie!

Here is the assignment for week #4: Keep Writing! A few people mentioned that 5000 words might be a bit much. Set your own goals for what you want to accomplish by the end. Including this week, there are eleven weeks left. (I’m going to try to make the first scene into a graphic novel script, along with some sketches to show layout/composition.)

Quotes for this week: (on voice, from 2006)
“Great dialog works forever.” - Beverly Horowitz

“There is a difference between literary and commercial styles. Know your style and write for it.” – Jodi Reamer

“Dare to find a voice that works for you.” – Wendelin Van Draanen

“Angsty characters don’t have to be all out; you can pull back and the voice will still come through.” – Justina Chen Headley/Alvina Ling (My notes don’t indicate which one said this, but they were back and forth the whole time, so been both of them might have chimed in on it.)

Links for this week: (on voice)
* Writer Tabitha Olson shared great notes on voice from editor Caroline Meckler.

* Editor Cheryl Klein wrote a post on voice recently.

* Writer Christy Evers shared notes on voice from editor Martha Mihalick.


  1. Week four already? But I've only written 2,500 words!

    The good news is, I'm madly in love with all 2,500 of them! :)

  2. It's only the start of week 4. The first 2 weeks were planning. Last week was the first week of writing, so you're doing great. Keep going!

    Plus it's great that you're madly in love with all your 2,500 words! Cool!

    I'm not in love with my words, but I do like the picture I drew. That's probably why I decided to go the graphic novel route. :)